Aesthetic Dentistry

Metal –supported porcelain kuron-bridges

Metal-supported porcelain Kuron-Bridges is a successful treatment used for a long time as an option in replacing missing teeth, protecting the teeth that is not strong and likely to fragile (Ex: teeth in which root-canal treatment took place) in the treatment of abnormal colour and shapes of teeht.

Tooth is cut as the size of metal and porselain thickness. In the laboratry the natural form of tooth is created over the shaped tooth by fusing porcelain to underlying metal structure. Eventually  the metal supported porcelain kuron-bridges is ready to use by baking in high temperature.

In our clinic temporary teeth are fitted instantly after the tooth is prepared fort he process so that our patient may return to normal Daily activities soon after.

Full-ceramic kuron-bridges

Nowadays esthetic perception means the one which is the most alike the natural. Thats why the success of r dental prosthesis is depend on how much it is alike and resembles the natural. While natural teeth has light transparent, metal supported porcelain covers lacks of this speciality. As a results of new researches to cope with this deficiency, full ceramics light transparent is very close to natural tooth. With the help of its this speciality, it may be accomplished by applying full ceremic porcelain far more natural, brighter and more eshtetic Outlook.

Porcelain LAMİNA

Porcelain lainates are very thin porcelains by applying only cutting dental enamel 0.5-1.5 mm size of front side of teeth. As it is so thin light permeability is high as well. So that it provides you a perfect esthtetic appearance. İt may also be applied for fractured crooked teeth and gaps between teeth effectively and esthetically with less damage. Especially, it gives you a great esthetic results when it is applied in the place of fillings done without esthetic, coloured because of trauma or root-canal treatment.

Porcelain laminates in which appliying process requires a careful great Professional effort does not change colour and has perfect natural esthetic outlook. Even if it is so thin it is sticked to the tooth with the new innovative technique in dentistry adesiv and thats why it so durable.

Removable Prosthesis

Complete Prosthesis

It is applied to the patients whose all the teeth are missing in their mouth.İt is the prosthesis which has been applied for long years successfully.Even though the adaptation period of this prosthesis is the hardest,it is widely used over thousands people all around the World comfortably.

Nowadays, it has become a more comfortable treatment option as it is supported by implants.

Cast Metal (Rigid Metal ) Clasp Partial Prosthesis

it is applied in the occasions of partial missing teeth in the mouth.Attaching to one another is supplied by clasps on either side of space and attaching artificial teeth to them.Low cost and easy-to-apply options are the advantages of the cast metal clasp partial prosthesis.

Being seen while talking or smiling, removable and not fixed damages of the clasps for the teeth over the time are the disadvantages of cast metal clasp partial prosthesis.

Flexible( Sensitive ) Clasp Prosthesis

It is applied in the occasions of partial missing teeth in the mouth.Remaining natural teeth are strengthened by covering with porcelain.Removable part of the prosthesis is attached by sensitive natural like holder,that’s why it is more esthetict than the rigid metal clasps.The making process of this type of esthetic prosthesis is more detailed and sensitive when compared to partial rigid metal clasps partial prosthesis.The disadvantage compared to rigid metal clasp partial prosthesis is the high cost.

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