Braces Treatment

Orthodontics is the specialty of dentistry that is concerned with the treatment of jaws and teeth harmony and improper teeth sets with each other.

Thumb sucking, tonque sucking or improper swalloving may alter child’s growth of teeth pattern and bone at early age. The problems that might be fixed easily at the early age, as the time passses it turns into a harder and more complex situation. That’s why by starting at the age of 2, children should be taken to the dentist at regular intervals.

The important point among the children that parents should take into account is the oral inhalation. Proper inhaling and exhaling thruough nose support the upper jaw growth. But, by mouth breathing as the nose is by-passsed, the growth of upper jaw is minimised. On the jaw bone that is smaller than supposed to be, improper teeth sets, crooked teeth are seen. So that kids snoring at nights and breathing via only mouth, should see not only a dentist but also ear, nose and throat specialist.

Crooked teeth might be fixed at any age with the reconstruction of teeth. But disorders on jaw’s bone should be treated and fixed before the skeleton growth is fulfilled. İf the bone growth is completed, among the girls 15 year-old and 17 year-old for the boys, more complicated treatments should be necessary to reconstruct the teeth and jaw harmony.


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