Implant Treatment

Artificial tooth root that is manufactured from titianium is called as dental implant. Dental implants are a breaktrough invention of dentistry. Altough modern implontology has about 60 years of experience it has constantly evolved within the course of past 15 years development by proving itself as a succesful teratment option.

Especially by giving chance to replace of even one missing tooth, it has overcome the problems of tradional crown-bridge restorastions. The researches took place after 1990 and folloving ten years period indicated that implants teratments had succes over %94,6-100. A dental implant placed in the jaw bone that is like tooth root are used to secure porcelain crowns. Succesful implants is like your own natural tooth: durable natural in apperance comfortable permenant and esthetic.

In the tradional crown-bridge porcelains missing tooth treatments nearby teeth are also made smaller. However in the implant application nearby teeth are not made smaller. That’s the why implant treatment is very protective way. However, the low costs and short application processes may lead the patients to this treatment option. As an average calculation a traditional 425 dolars crown bridge porcelain of a 22 years old patient, with expenses the repalcing and restorations during his/her lifelong costs 12000 dolars so actually the implant treatment is not as expensive as it is though by the majority of people if taken into account this calculation.

With the help of implants removable prosthesis has become more comfortable and stable. The hole of proshtesis is placed over knops or knops like parts of implants.

As the patient who has implant –supported proshtesis is sure about her/his prosthesis will not get out ,he/she might smile speak and chew comfortably without any hesitation.

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