Invisible White Fillings

White fillings or composite fillings atteched to teeth with adesiv technology has brought great new innovations to dentistry. After decayed tissue is removed off acidification primer&bond preparation, composite in layers is placed step by step by using specialized light to harden each layer. It could be shaped by closely matching the natural tooth colour. Within the composite filling sets White colour tone options such as a1-a2-a3.5 it lets us match the natural colour of your tooth one to one.

During the White filling application with its most advanced adhesive specialty it is not necessary to remove more layers of your tooth unlike grey (amalgam) fillings.

Composite filling with its eshtetic specialty is the perfect treatment on the front teeth which is broken just like in this Picture. Just after fulflilling of the broken part of tooth polishing and shining process may be apllied. It is not necessary to make the  tooth smaller so that it takes place as a protective treatment option.

Gap between two teeth is called as diastema. Composite filling is a succesful tretment option to recover this gap naturally. İt is applied as a protective treatment instead of getting tooth smaller and covering. If you dont like it may be removed off without giving any damage to the tooth.

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