Lip and Skin Fillers

Lip filling is the injection of hyaluronic acid in the natural structure of the body into the lip.

Lip fillings are suitable for:

Lack of lip volume
Lip contour failure
Distorted lip symmetry
A younger and fuller look

Hyaluronic acid is a multiple natural sugar structure. This feature, which can hold water up to a thousand times its volume, gives youth to the skin. Its long-term injection site makes it an ideal filling material. Due to its natural structure, it has no allergic effect and no significant side effects. Lip filling is a painless procedure performed under anesthesia. It is also a cosmetic application, not surgery.

This treatment is also important to achieve a more pleasant full-lips without losing naturalness. For this purpose, a lip contour and volume is formed which is compatible with the rest of the face.

The skin fill is almost the same as the lip fill. The difference here is not the inside of the lips, but the inside of the lines that show the face into the grooves.

As a result of smoking, sun and aging, the lines on our face deepen and even new lines are formed. Thanks to the skin filling, the face grooves are filled and the lines are tried to be eliminated. Especially in the lower face area, it is applied to the lip contour and into the groove descending from the nose to the corner of the mouth, making this area of ​​the person look much more vivid and younger.

In our clinic, FUV approved JUVEDERM products are used which have passed many tests successfully.

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