Treatment of Gum Diseases

Food debris on the tooth if not removed properly causes periodontal diseases as well as tooth decay. Bacterias acumulating between the teeth affects gums firstly. Then swolen and bleeding gums are seen, also patient complains about bad bread. If patient does not consult a dentist, this bacterias reaches the bone by getting deeper and deeper. After this stage, as the bacterias damages the bone, progresses to periodontitis and roots of tooth shows up.

Periodontal diseaseses is the most common complaint seen al over the World. On the right hand side, it is seen that patient’s gums are swollen and bleeding. Also it is seen excess plaque and gum disaese. Although this situation is so severe, patient does not feel any significant pain.Disease by giving no warning symptoms or pain, might lead to loose of teeth or even it can leadto loss of teeth. That’s why we recommend to patients regular dental visit at least once in every 6 months.

I am sure you are shocked by looking at these pictures. But don't worry, with the help of effective dental cleaning applied by your dentist and your paying enough attention to your oral care, gums start to heal faster.

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